Letter regarding Auxiliary article in November 15 Sounder

Tuesday, November 22 2016

Every week I look forward to reading the Sounder online in my new home of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This week I got very emotional and was bursting with pride reading the beautifully written accounting of the grants given out by the Gabriola Auxiliary.

As the Founding President and the pushy old broad who got the GABE Shop and Ice Cream Cart up and running, I can only thank all the wonderful women (and a few good men) who shared our hopes, vision and commitment to providing ongoing financial security towards health care on the island. Well done everyone! 

Wishing you health and happiness on the Greatest Little Island who thought they could…did…and continue to do. It would be wonderful to see you surpass a $100,000 donated by next July for the shop’s fifth birthday. 

~ Nancy Nevison