Letter regarding editorial on ferry linups.

Tuesday, August 16 2016

There is a way to significantly reduce the ferry line up waiting times for vehicles.

However it will inconvenience other ferry users and ferry shore staff.

Instead of spending the money on dock upgrades in Nanaimo Harbour (due in 2020?)

Perhaps it is time to revisit having a dedicated dock for the Quinsam at Duke Point.

Round trip crossing times would go down by 50%. Instead of 2 hour waits, this could reduced those heavy traffic times to an hour. Much better for vehicles and commercial use. 

The cost in monatary terms could be recouped by the sale of the land at Nanaimo Harbour. With todays market, perhaps BCFS would make a profit on it. Vessel fuel consumption would also go down, another cost savings.

The personal costs I cannot put a figure on, some will gain while others will lose, swings and roundabouts as usual.

B.C. Transit will be required to have bus service out to Duke Point to enable walk ons to get to down town. School bus service would have to be revised.

Then we also have the movement of B.C. Ferries shore staff to Duke Point. This is covered in the BCFMWU collective agreement some may benefit who live to the south of Nanaimo but those to the north would have a longer commute. 

~ Dave Turrie