Letter regarding, “Gabriola offered 383.7 acres of parkland + Church/Spruce road connection” in May 31 Sounder

Tuesday, June 14 2016

The rezoning, subdividing and development of farmland appears to be the new norm widely accepted in today’s society. 

That said, I believe a significant amount of work and consideration has gone into the recent application to rezone, subdivide and develop the original Cox family farm. As well, the application shows a sincere appreciation I think, for our community’s shared value for parkland - we are fortunate to have a generous developer on Gabriola willing to work with community.

My question/concern lies with my own lack of knowledge on how land that, I believe, was originally designated Agricultural Land Reserve (a portion of the proposed development) can be rezoned to Resource Residential.

I won’t go into the history of this farm, as it’s not relevant now that it’s not a working farm and that the waterfront has already been developed, but I believe it is noteworthy, as is the fact that farmland is being rezoned, subdivided and developed.

From my perspective, it is important at least to be aware that this new norm can happen on Gabriola with the best of intentions, and there may (or may not) be consequences down the road but at the very least my wish is that any future decisions are based on the knowledge that we, as Gabriola’s community, are consciously choosing to rezone, subdivide and develop land that once, currently, or potentially sustains the humans and animals of our finite piece of Utopia. Isn’t Resource Residential an oxymoron?

Please inform me if I have been misinformed in the writing of this letter.

~ Deborah Blake