Letter regarding Potlatch

Tuesday, February 28 2017

The Potlatch proposal has become a lightning rod for the “should” crowd. These are the people who somehow magically know what is “good” for us here on the rock. They tell us what we “should” do. They “know” what is “right.”

It is to guard against the tyranny of this myopic puerility that we have process and procedures - democratic frameworks which have been negotiated and put in place to provide the best outcomes. These may not produce decisions I like, in fact, they often don’t, but that is as it should be.

Those who somehow “know” what is “right” for Gabriolans, our lifestyles and future, would do well to consider this and stop telling the rest of us what we “should” do. Make use of all possible avenues for input, but stop telling me that you know what is “best” or “the right thing to do.”  

You simply don’t. You have an opinion for sure, the same as I do, but the collective decision made through due process is what gives us the freedoms we enjoy.

The Trustees have been elected to interpret the process and make the most unbiased decision possible based on the framework in place.  

Let them do their job. 

~ Dave Neads

Forest Ridge