Letter: regarding, "Witness Blanket coming to Nanaimo" in June 21 Sounder

Tuesday, June 28 2016

Lovely to see the Witness Blanket is coming to Nanaimo in September, and many kudos to RDN representative Howard Houle for doing the work required to make it happen. There is another Gabriola connection: I have been immensely honoured that an excerpt about reconciliation from my book “We Are Born With the Songs Inside Us” has been included by Carey Newman on the central door installation in the Witness Blanket. 

I urge Gabriolans to take the time to go and see the installation. No-one who takes the time to explore this experience will regret it, whether you understand the tragic history of the residential schools already, or want to learn more about it. It is one thing to hear the stories and read about them in the newspaper. It is another thing entirely to stand in front of the stark reality: children’s pigtails, stolen possessions, heart-breaking letters, tools of corporal punishment, all laid out on the Blanket. It is also inspirational. The courage of the youngsters and their families who survived and who continue to fight today for justice is immense. I raise my hands to them all.

~ Katherine Palmer Gordon