Letter: Remembering Ken Capon

Tuesday, August 13 2013

As we come to the eve of the Gabriola Arts Council Theatre Festival, our memories of Ken are warm and indelible. Ken was instrumental in so many aspects of the event, from selling tickets to setting up and overseeing the smooth functioning of many aspects over the weekend. His inimitable presence and community contributing nature was felt in every aspect of our community through different organizations, as we all know and I am sure, remember. 

Last year Joy and I had an art booth at the Street Fair for that weekend. We were extra blessed with exchanges with Ken as we came and went through the theatre lounge area and then his company – first over a blueberry pancake breakfast and later that evening as we dined at Robert’s Place, too pooped to cook. We ran into Ken there who joined us for dinner and had a Ken humour-lively discussion and sweet time. This connection with Ken made our full weekend experience even richer.

What always struck me about Ken throughout the years, whenever we met, whether on errands in the Village or at events; was his very personal way of stopping and being ‘present’ in both his manner and in conversation. We would pick up the threads from former meetings and carry on. Even when I would go to hear his playing and witness his intimate relationship with his bass, he would give an acknowledging eye-smile during pauses in playing. 

It is coming up to a year as well since Ken left us so abruptly and yet I have felt he was here with us in other ways, enjoying and still contributing. In my mind’s eye, I still see him playing in the cold on the boardwalk in the Village with Saburo and John, all rugged up and raising awareness and funds for the Japanese people hit by the tsunami, or again with John on a summer afternoon outside Artworks, playing to raise awareness for the Theatre Festival or about seaweed, or with Rick, Dick, Steve and Art playing at Raspberry’s, or with Victor at Twin Beaches, or with Leah, the GI Chamber group, Voodoo Dave, Lou and so many others during so many events and happenings. You were and are everywhere Ken. We are so grateful for all the love and art and zaniness you wove into our community and lives. We look forward to joining with friends to remember you in a festive way on a ‘Ken Day.’ 

Salut, Ken!

~ Zulis Yalte and Joy Olsen