Letter: Response to BC Ferries continuing with weekend sailings for 2018 summer

Tuesday, October 17 2017

Congratulations to the Ferries for listening to the suggestion by the Ferry Advisory Committee to add extra sailings for the summer. If the Ferries had listened to anyone using the ferries, they would have received the same message.

We hope that the FAC, on behalf of most of the ferry user group, would now ask the Ferries to tell the NDP to roll back the radical increase in ferry fares that they promised in order to get us to vote for them earlier this year. Also, eliminate the doubling of fares for the elderly that the NDP also promised.

Why wait until the spring for the NDP to review BC Ferries operations to carry out promises made prior to the former election?

 Please do not tell us that the NDP is contemplating reneging on their promise. After all, the bridge tolls in Vancouver are gone already. Maybe the NDP is just taking us for granted for our consistent support, regardless of their promises.

~ Jeremy Baker