Letter: response to Dec. 20 Editorial, “Water Sustainability Act”

Tuesday, December 27 2016

 Dear Editor; 

Thank you for your editorial of December 20th, on the topic of the “Water Sustainability Act”.  Clearly and in the initial stages, this is an attack on rural BC businesses. The amount is to be an annual fee on well owners who have all made the initial investment unaided. This fee will likely increase because we all know that when opening a new source of tax revenue the follow on is to tax more.

The Government is making this a financial return on a no investment transaction. It is best characterized as a version of a “poll tax”.  Hopefully this will galvanize BC residents to show major displeasure, much like was done by the British when Margaret Thatcher tried the same in the UK.

Don’t think for a New York minute that normal residents are to be excluded, it is just a matter of time. 

This legislation will turn freely available water in BC into a commodity that will attract all those parasites out there who lust after owning “water rights” that they can eventually turn into a privately owned utilities.

I just hope enough people recognize these early signs of turning public property into private ownership.  It is in the character of the current Liberal Government to provide its friends with this type of opportunity.

~ Erik Andersen