Letter: Response to deer coverage in Sounder

Tuesday, August 29 2017

As reported in the Sounder recently, the island deer population has increased to the point that some are suggesting the use of guns and bows and arrows to cull the number of deer.

The deer birthrate is proportional to the mothers food intake. The more the mothers eat the frequency of twins increases. In fact if deer are fed in the back yard of deer enthusiasts homes, the population increases beyond normal numbers.

A simple way to reduce deer population and defer the cull would be to halt the artificial feeding.

Mother nature will act at some point with a harsh winter, which will contribute to the decline in numbers and the shooters can rest their arms.

Deer are also a major host for ticks and ticks are responsible for the rise in numbers of Lyme disease seen through out the country. Ticks can also kill deer and related animals, in a rather horrible fashion.

Stop feeding deer.

~ Jeremy Baker