Letter: Response to “Just Society” letter in Aug. 9 Sounder.

Tuesday, August 16 2016

I am writing today having just read the letter by Stephen O’Neil. I am frequently troubled by the apparent attitude that is often displayed in our community that wealthy people are somehow bad people. In the case of Mr. O’Neil, he says wealthy people ‘can do things the rest of us can never do’  - like this is a bad thing.  What does that really mean? References linking the Potlatch density transfer application to terrorism, violence and poverty is way over the top, even for Gabriola. 

In this case, the Potlatch density transfer applicants CAN do something the rest of us can never do. They can donate 384 acres of parkland to this gulf island in return for a thoughtful and connected subdivision development near the Village center. They can increase the preserved land base significantly for future preserved forest land, for wildlife, for the water table, that has future value beyond measure. They can also build a road that has been long desired by many. 

I am appalled and ashamed by the amount of public disrespectful abuse that these applicants must suffer for what is a very thoughtful proposal with clear community benefits. If this application fails there will not be another opportunity. 

I say a big thank you to all of those with wealth, who are generous and responsible in our community, in in more ways than many realize. 

~ Kerry Marcus