Letter: Response to “Potlatch vs. Legends/707” letter in Oct. 11 Sounder

Tuesday, October 25 2016

Dear Editor,

“I’m asking the LTC .....do what is fair and not what is merely legal.”

Sage words by Gisele Rudisher. I only wish decisions of the nature of the Potlatch proposal were as uncomplicated as this suggests.

Personally I lean towards the approval of the Potlatch application, for a multitude of reasons, but I am far from convinced.

Thankfully Giselle, in an excellent, letter has put to rest (I hope) the argument of comparison to the “Legends” development, as brought forward by the Islands Trust. 

Albeit, Gisele’s arguments  are, I believe, from a somewhat biased point of view as it was under her watch [as Island Trustee] that the Legends development was created (and under her watch that the last version of the Official Community Plan was created).  

So we need to move on and discuss the complexities of this proposal.

From the Trustees we need fairness, absolutely, with a bias towards the community. However we have to be careful not to be too rigid with our interpretation of the OCP, a document meant to be used as a guide to our community planning and not to be followed  with strict adherence.

~ Bob Andrew