Letter: Response to “Water and drought” in Nov. 29 edition

Tuesday, December 6 2016

Dear editor,

The report Jamie Lawrence in his letter (Water and Drought Nov. 29) is referring to by John Peirce and myself is “The Hydrogeology of Gabriola Groundwater” available at http://www.nickdoe.ca/pdfs/Webp649.pdf. As it says in the introduction to that report, it is a background paper, not a contribution to discussions on groundwater management issues and policies. Nowhere in the report did we relate water supply with water demand, in no small part because my own interest has always been on the geology of groundwater (the supply side), not on the complex usage issues (the demand side) that I personally have never studied in any detail.

The report that would be more pertinent to any discussion on groundwater and the Potlatch proposal is “Water Budget Project: RDN Phase One (Gabriola, DeCourcy and Mudge Islands)” prepared by SRK Consulting and published in April 2013. It is available from the RDN website and well worth reading (no pun intended).


~ Nick Doe