Letter: Salmon Fencing reckless

Tuesday, November 7 2017

Dear Editor,

After Kinder Morgan illegally put down plastic snow fences without permits in salmon-bearing streams along its pipeline construction route, many British Columbians, including me, want them removed and the company to be fined.

Kinder Morgan illegally started construction on the pipeline route and only a local community member noticed that Kinder Morgan had posted about it on their company blog. 

Only then did the National Energy Board order Kinder Morgan to stop installing its makeshift devices. But it did not require the company to remove the mats it had already installed by a certain time.

Swift Creek, one of the affected waterways, is a major chinook salmon spawning area—the second longest run in North America. Kinder Morgan’s methods to interrupt that spawn are untested and experimental. Southern resident orca whales depend on chinook salmon - it is their main food. 

It is unacceptable that Kinder Morgan gets to decide how and when it removes these mats after such a clear demonstration of prioritizing their own construction interests over the interests of the salmon and the orcas. 

Why is Texas-based Kinder Morgan allowed to regulate itself when their top executives have shown us so clearly they consider themselves above our laws?

We’re turning up the heat on Kinder Morgan’s reckless salmon fence.

~ David Laidlaw