Letter: Signatures signed

Tuesday, August 29 2017

Dear Editor

Thanks to those volunteers that have been collecting signatures for the referendum regarding support through our taxes for The Gabriola Arts Council and The Community Hall.

We signed these petitions because we are happy to be part of a generous, active and creative community. We consider our community hall and our arts council to be essential services to the health of our community. Whatever we can give to our unique community comes back to us, many times over, in many ways, more than just the economic benefits and services we have come to expect and enjoy, but in well being.

The community hall and the arts council are for all islanders. If you are fortunate enough to be able to volunteer, then you benefit even more. However, because we are not a municipality, we do need this steady funding, if we are to continue to grow and meet community challenges and visions for the future. 

We signed these petitions to reflect our personal commitment to this very special place that we have called home for 23 years.

~ Karen Cain and Verne Smith