Letter: Site C Dam Decision

Tuesday, December 19 2017

Like many of us, I am disheartened by the new BC government’s decision to forge ahead with the Site C dam. Unlike some, I don’t think that makes Doug Routley, our MLA, or Premier John Horgan, bad people. But good people can make terrible mistakes, and this is one.

I don’t believe that, for reasons of accounting, we must destroy 100 kilometres of the Peace Valley, along with people’s homes and the rights of the West Moberly and Profit River Nations. If we have the billions of dollars to take the tolls off the Vancouver bridges, we have the wherewithal to save the Peace. It isn’t about money, it is about values.

I am old enough to remember when, in 1993, Mike Harcourt’s NDP Government approved logging 80 per cent of Clayoquot Sound. If they had had their way, the Clayoquot wilderness would now be gone. That it survives is because the public recognized a bad decision when they saw it. And they fought it. So I support the First Nations’ court challenge and any other good schemes for countering the BC government’s screwed-up choice. Nothing new about that.

~ Bob Bossin