Letter: Speed up the process for Silva Bay

Tuesday, May 8 2018

Reading in last week’s Sounder that the Trustees are seeking legal opinion for Silva Bay’s (SB) owner’s request to operate a food and drink establishment on the dock.

I just don’t get it.

By the time a legal opinion(s) is formulated, considered, reviewed and implemented, you might as well kiss this summer goodbye.

It was bad enough having last year’s closure of the SB liquor store to now have absolutely no services of any kind in the bay.

The owner is not looking to build the Taj Mahal, but a simple temporary structure to be able to provide some form or level of food and beverage service.

The Trustees state that there is no current form of a Temporary Use Permit in the Gabriola bylaws. So what? Create one and get on with it.

I do not believe this is rocket science to have both owner and operator up and running in a short time while maintaining utmost safety for staff, customers and visitors.

By the time this gets settled, the summer will be over and yet again another season has gone by where returning and new visitors wonder if SB will ever become a destination place.

Last year, visiting boaters were already dismayed with the lack of service but at least there was the restaurant. Now, they will surely bypass this all together and move on elsewhere. Not to mention spreading the word of what is or is not happening in SB.

If our local community is happy with that, fine. However, I suspect not since everyone, both locals and visitors alike, suffer by losing out on potential business on many levels.

I hereby urge the LTC to speed up the process and work with all parties to save what’s left to make this a reality come summer.

~ Marc Herrmann

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