Letter: Spray paint on signs

Tuesday, April 18 2017

My first ever public letter. This must be said...I will start with, ’tis the season of overloaded ferries! Twice in the past week I have had to wait for the next ferry...summer is obviously fast approaching our fine island. I bring this up only because as I made my way to the “legal” U-turn, I noticed some graffiti on the real estate sign. It wasn’t until I made my turn that I noticed what was written. Not only did the person or persons commit an act of vandalism but he/she also set out to personally attack a fellow islander. As I read the words, my heart sank. It felt heavy. I was saddened that this island homes individuals who feel it is okay to act in this manner. Jokes fly around surmising that Gabriola is a hippie island but if peace and love towards our fellow man are actions of a hippie homestead, then I’m a “hippie.” All I will say is that the individual defamed is a very kind, very generous, friendly and hardworking man. Aside from my personal reference about him, he is a person just like you and me. We are all flawed but in terms of love, compassion and acceptance towards one another, can’t we all do better? This message is not a political one, it is simply an island girl’s perspective on bad behaviour. 

~ Jules O’Donnell