Letter: Summer is here…

Tuesday, June 27 2017


The dianthus are in full magenta colour,

draped over their rock perches,

And the elegant, common foxgloves spear up, 

next to the gas plants’ tall whites.

The peonies so fat and bushy, their blooms bowing low, 

luscious they are with scent. 

Though the iris are faded, the lowly pansies

muster on underneath the sword leaves.

The stately blue ceanothus book-ends the lower foliage bed,

paired with the giant white rhodie, now dead-headed, but remembered.


Spring slides into summer with just a few warm, yellow days,

And beach walks and garden parties seem at hand.

Sand pails and kayak skirts are to be brought out into the yellow warmth.

And the little island sings it’s joys of summer again.                                                                                             

~ Helen Defosset