Letter: Support for Community Hall bid for tax funding

Tuesday, August 22 2017

I support the community hall’s bid to be added to the tax roll 100 per cent and suggested it seven years ago when I joined the hall board. As one of the past grant writers, I saw that the struggle to maintain that structure through grants alone is unsustainable, as grants are akin to playing the lottery at best. And we can’t afford to lose the hall, Gabriola. Rents and the Salmon Barbecue do not cover maintenance costs. 

As well, the hall is our only publically owned performance and sport space on Gabriola. Forward thinking board members have determined that this funding request will be the only solution to completing the current repairs to get the building back to its former glory, and to move forward to facilitate expanding the hall’s storage and performance capabilities. It is the only organization and structure on Gabriola that each of you already owns a stake in and are each automatic members of. 

There is no reason we can’t boost our public support for the organizations we own and support already by people who have the future of Gabriola in mind. I want to have a high quality, reasonable rental performance space on Gabriola...we are badly overdue for this and the hall is perfect for it with a group who is willing to make the changes necessary to get it up and running. 

Let’s see this through and vote for the hall in the upcoming referendum. If it takes a few short days to gain enough signatures to be included in the upcoming referendum, we will all be happy we supported the hall.

~ Dinah Desrochers