Letter: Take other ferry factors into account

Tuesday, August 29 2017

Just returned from trip to Gabriola, and while waiting read up on the cost of bridge vs ferry. It may be there, I don’t see it, it seems no one has taken into account the current cost of paying workers, particularly government and crown corporation works the hours they wait and time on board that little ferry, along with the equipment (trucks, repair vehicles, cars) they use in accomplished the tasks for which they make the trips to and from. This doesn’t take into account private businesses whose addition “time” costs are charged to their island customers as part of the current cost of doing business. On my single trip to the island several dump trucks, BC Hydro and Telus vehicles, an ambulance, along with numerous private business vehicles. They also at some time have to return to Nanaimo. That was one sailing, adding up the sailings for the year the cost must be horrendous, 7 maybe 8 figures. Yet this cost doesn’t seem to be included in the indirect costs of running a ferry vs a bridge. Well islanders, you are paying for them one way or the other.

~Byron Fisher, Delta BC