Letter: The Community Hall needs a Generator

Tuesday, September 19 2017

If there could be an immediate vote by the residents of Gabriola as to what building the RDN should choose to install a generator in at the south end, I have no doubt that a very large majority of islanders would vote for the community hall. Many are wondering why there is not a generator there now,  given that the Hall has been the designated Emergency Reception Centre for the past 10 years.

Is the community aware that the RDN is seriously considering providing funds to install a generator at the United Church as a reception centre at the south end?

Why would a governing body choose a small, private building with only 2 toilets that has very limited parking, and poor water quality, for an emergency reception centre? Especially when the logical choice is a large publicly owned community building that is in continual use with many regular activities and special events, that has 7 toilets (soon to be 8), 2 kitchens, potable water, a large parking area, and an uncarpeted area downstairs for animals during an emergency?

If you are puzzled, shocked or outraged at the possibility of the community hall NOT being chosen for a generator, please let your Regional Director Howard Houle know this. The hall is very willing to pay any extra costs that would be incrued beyond the amount of money that is being offered by the RDN for installing a generator at the south end of Gabriola.

~ Tsiporah Grignon, Rental agent for the Community Hall