Letter: The Farm to Table Feast

Tuesday, September 20 2016

What I loved about the Farm to Table Feast on the Commons (on Sept. 10) was how it put ‘culture’ back into agriculture.

It was palpable in the energy among the participants: those serving the fabulous locally grown food and those eating it with such pleasure; those making the music and those receiving it – and dancing up a storm.

It was a fitting way to celebrate not just the revival of farming on Gabriola, by a younger generation committed to doing so in right relations with the land, the plants they’re growing and the animals they are raising. It also celebrated Gabriolans generally who by regularly buying at farmers’ markets, participating in community-assisted agriculture by advancing a share of the money for each season’s plantings and by buying one of the sold-out tickets to the feast, are extending the network of such relations. 

The Commons Kitchen shone as a community infrastructure enabling all this to grow and become more sustainable. And the common ground that, to me, is one of the hallmarks of Gabriola grew richer and stronger, ready to sustain more of the same.

~ Heather Menzies