Letter: The Potlatch Proposal:

Tuesday, September 20 2016

For it or against it. we all agree that the decision on this application will be a defining moment for both the newly elected trustees and the IT in general.

In my view it is about process. Like it or not, the application and the way it is being proposed is legal. Period. Lots of things are legal that I don’t like, but that does not allow me to take away other’s rights to operate under those laws/policies/agreements. 

So that leaves the grounds for approval/disapproval to proceed with this application to a host of other reasons, none of which are unique to this proposal.

Issues of water, traffic, density, taxes, sewage, ferries, island lifestyle, affordable housing, NIMBY and so on, all these issues apply to each and every development application.

So if this application is denied due process on any of these grounds than all new development applications must be denied for the same reasons. Otherwise the denial is prejudicial and capricious and probably would be liable for court action. 

So this is the test case. Zero new development for every property owner and developer on Gabriola, or the continued opportunity for all to be given fair access to due process re basic property rights.

For this reason, I feel this proposal must be allowed to proceed, and live or die on the ways in which it does or does not meet all the various regulatory requirements imposed on all development proposals. 

~ Dave Neads