Letter: The proposed coal tanker anchorages off the eastern coast of Gabriola should be a rallying call for everyone on this island.

Tuesday, August 11 2015

These Cape-size massive vessels with their pollution, their noise (engines and generators possibly running 24/7), their effects on the marine ecosystem, will impact us all on Gabriola.

Whalebone Beach, where many islanders and visitors go year round for long relaxing beach explorations and walks, where many people fish, kayak, swim and picnic, is a very special place. With tankers anchored mere metres off the shoreline, it will be despoiled and ruined. A marine industrial area, that’s what we will have. Who would want to walk there with great hulking, noisy coal transports looming, who would want to swim? What creatures would continue to live in these waters? Once Whalebone and Sandwell are gone, a great chunk of our recreational beach access will be gone, forever.

Save our Shores has been working hard these past few years to raise public awareness of the dangers of oil pipelines, oil tankers, LNG and coal shipments out of the Surrey/Fraser docks in Vancouver. Our fossil fuel extraction industry and its mad rush to get the last drop of oil, the last lump of coal to distant markets, has finally shown its grubby, grimy face on Gabriola. Coal tanker anchorages now…and who is to say that in the not too distant future there won’t be oil tankers and LNG transports anchored right beside us? 

All of Gabriola needs to rise up against this outrage.

Volunteer with the Gabriola Anchor-Rage (GAR) group, on Facebook and now a website.

Even if you can only do a small thing to help join those who are working so hard to stop it, then just do that one small thing.

Don’t just sit there, do something!


~ Sheila Haniszewska