Letter: Third reading for GB-RZ-2016.1

Tuesday, April 4 2017

Dear Editor,

The LTC decision to rush this re-zoning proposal to third reading despite the clear indication of many in the community at the public hearing that they needed more time to finalize their thoughts on this application has left us with the situation where there will be no decrease in density on the donor land that is the half-quarter section to the east of Coats Marsh. This is despite the assessment of many that this is an ecologically very valuable piece of land.

The offer of the proponent to give the RDN or GaLTT a “first refusal” option is in my view worthless. The assessed value of the 3.5 ha remainder is (pro-rating on that of the whole parcel) around thirty-eight thousand dollars. I cannot believe that this amount is a serious obstacle for the proponents “donating” this land, and that the real reason for their retaining it is that they intend to build on it for their own purposes, thereby making “first refusal” irrelevant. The community or GaLTT members need not worry about having to fork over tens of thousands of dollars to the proponents to prevent a road being built through the wetlands in this area: it is unlikely it’ll be coming on the market.

~ Regards, Nick Doe