Letter: To Claire Trevena, BC Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure

Tuesday, July 17 2018

Minister Trevena,

I am sending you this email because the condition of the roads on Gabriola is getting worse by the day, and I am not exaggerating.

I am a sixty-five-year old who rides a scooter around the island for six months of the year and it is now very dangerous to do so. There are potholes and broken pavement on North and South Roads, and Taylor Bay Road is a mess. I live on the corner of Hess and Wilson Roads. 

This is a safety issue - people driving across the centre lines of these roads to avoid these hazards make it very dangerous at times for myself and others. 

I use Coats Road very frequently as well as Hess Road, and the condition of these two roads has to be seen to be believed, they are rife with potholes and large areas of broken pavement and the gravelled part of Coates Road is now almost all washboard, it has not been graded for many weeks.

I have been on Thetis and Quadra Islands recently and the roads on these islands are in far better condition than ours here on Gabriola.

Some of my neighbours and I have written letters to The Sounder, our local newspaper, which resulted in some patching being done right after they [the letters] appeared in the paper. 

But this is not solving the problem, more holes are opening up all the time.

I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance one night and they took the long way around to get to the ferry to avoid Coats Road because it was so rough.

I only mention the above roads as an example, but there are many more that are in the same condition. 

Some months ago, I sent our MLA Doug Routley an email but received no reply.

I know that you were recently here on Gabriola and heard from some of the residents about the condition of our roads, but I think that the only way that you can see what we have here is for you to come back and tour these roads and see it for yourself.

I believe that we have a reasonable expectation to have safe, well-maintained paved roads where they are now and well maintained gravel roads where they are.

I was going to attach some pictures but they would not do the situation justice. 

I hope that you will read this and reply.

Thank you,

~ Dan Eliuk