Letter: To MLA Doug Routley

Tuesday, December 5 2017

I live on Hess Road. My wife and I purchased our five acre parcel of land in October 1987. There were a number of reasons for our decision to relocate to this area and a large part of that decision was the great condition of the road which serviced our property. 

The roads were well maintained for a number of years following our relocation, however for a number of years now they have been allowed to deteriorate to the point that most people that use these roads consider them absolutely deplorable. The pot holes are impossible to negotiate without dropping tires into them - which raises havoc with the undercarriage of our vehicles and of course results in expensive repair bills.

Perhaps safety is a more important factor in this situation, as we see vehicles moving to the wrong side of the road attempting ot miss holes and rough areas, especially when they are at the top of hills. 

The current road maintenance contractor seems to do only the very minimum maintenance and patching. The little patching that is done lasts only a few days. 

I question the accountability of the contractor as well as the level of inspections that govern them, perhaps a thorough audit would be advantageous and cost effective.

This area has for many years been represented by the NDP while the Liberal Government held a majority of power. Now that we have the NDP in power, perhaps you could use your influence to address our concerns. I feel that we have a crisis situation and that if we continue on the present path we will soon completely lose our road surface.

I am sure you have a full work schedule, but if you every get the opportunity to come to Gabriola, I invite you to personally inspect our roads. There is no substitute for first-hand knowledge.

I look forward to your reply.

~ Ted Caldwell