Letter to Sherri Young, National Energy Board

Tuesday, August 18 2015

To Sherri Young, Secretary, National Energy Board

August 12, 2015

Dear Ms. Young,

We are intervenors and commenters from the National Energy Board review of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (hereinafter “the Project’). Having participated in good faith up to this point in the process, we feel that our continued participation would serve to endorse an unfair and biased hearing process that has failed to provide a due process to the public.

The review is not being conducted in an impartial, unbiased manner by the Panel, the referee of the review. The Panel has operated merely to serve the interests of the applicant, Trans Mountain, and is the victim of regulatory capture. We refer to the comments of Robyn Allen made in her Letter of Withdrawal dated May 19th, 2015, and concur with all comments made by Ms. Allen. To those comments, we wish only to add the following:

1. The review has discounted and devalued expert evidence, most specifically the knowledge of the lands and territories the pipeline will pass through, and the likely impact it will have on our waters and salmon. It has under-resourced Nations and Bands, thereby ensuring an unbalanced and ill-informed hearing.

2. By ignoring the impact the Project could have on our climate, any findings of the review will be fundamentally incomplete. If constructed, the Project will have massive climate change ramifications. The exclusion of any discussion on the climate impacts of the Project from the hearings is a gross failure of public responsibility.

3. The vast majority of concerned citizens, groups and Nations have been shut out of the review. Those lucky enough to secure participation in the review have been deprived of the right to cross-examine Trans Mountain. Participants have repeatedly requested Trans Mountain address a range of issues which Trans Mountain has successfully avoided answering. The review has lost all semblance of a due process.

In light of the above, we the undersigned hereby withdraw from the review. We have committed ourselves to confronting the Project outside of the review, and will continue to

remain engaged on the issue. Please enter this letter in the public record, and ensure that it remains publicly available. Please also remove our contact details from all contact lists concerning the review.


~ Eoin Madden, on behalf of Wilderness Committee, Peter Wood, on behalf of CPAWS, Dennis Johnston, Debra Shogan, Burtt Fidler, Bob Wyche, Rick Mitchell, Sheila Haniszewska, Kristin Miller, Nancy Crozier, Penelope J. Bahr, Chalise Giosia, Kyung-Mee Moon, Peter Nix, Geoff Senichenko, Gretchen Markle, Zulis Yalte, Mary J Gillis, Gloria Filax, Margaret Moar, Tammy Hudgeon, Fred Kaarsemaker, Eileen Kaarsemaker, Jan Slakov, Sandra Leckie, Mary Carlisle, Brenda Guiled, Frances Hill, Maggie Ziegler, Murray Reiss, Phil Vernon, Tommy Mitchell, John Walper, Iain Leckie, Peter Lamb.