Letter to the Editor: Hard not to be cynical

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, October 31 2018

Politicians are making it hard for taxpayers to not be cynical about politics. 

Once elected, the full term should be served except for personal considerations such as medical or family issues. 

Yet, once again, we are seeing seats being resigned for personal and/or political party gain. Each resignation triggers an expensive by-election, paid for by the taxpayers. 

Christy Clarke lost her Vancouver seat and a Liberal MLA in Kelowna resigned so she could run there. Taxpayers shelled out the costs. Leonard Krog runs for Nanaimo mayor, wins, and now resigns his MLA seat, causing another taxpayer-funded by-election. 

Now Sheila Malcolmson intends to resign her opposition federal seat in order to access a provincial seat in Victoria in a position of government power – which, if she wins, will mean Nanaimo not having an MP until the 2019 federal election.

Shouldn’t by-elections caused by the politicians themselves, juggling for position and/or power, be paid for by the political party and not the taxpayers? 

But I don’t see that happening anytime soon; politicians would have to pass such legislation. I am a lifelong NDP voter, but if I were in the riding Ms. Malcolmson intends to pursue she would not have my vote because of this. 

And the NDP will not have my vote in the upcoming federal by-election.

~ Dennis Keis