Letter: To the Islands Trust RE. Decourcy Island OCP amendment #268

Monday, August 26 2013

I would like it to be entered into the record that I object to the amendment in its current form in that it seems unnecessary and unclear.  From what I understand it gives the Trust Council carte blanche to enact amendments to the zoning bylaw, without further consultation with the community, requiring rezoning applicants to provide studies of an ambiguous nature and questionable value.

The rationale as it has been explained to us is that it gives potential re-zoning applicants a “heads up” as to what studies will be required of them.  However it does not limit the requirements to those set forth in the bylaw. The trust council can still require “eleventh hour” studies.

The danger in this is that an unscrupulous Trust Council, at its whim, can thwart the lawful activities of its constituents by requiring superfluous studies that raise the cost of an application to an untenable level.

I am not entirely opposed to the concept of such an amendment and I think that an altered version could garner my support in the future but not at this time and in this version.

Best Regards,  Tom Kendall