Letter: To the members of the Gabriola Local Trust Committee, re: DeCourcy Island proposed OCP amendment

Monday, July 15 2013

I have received your letter to DeCourcy islanders with regard to a public hearing to be held on July 18 regarding proposed bylaw 268 amending the DeCourcy Island Official Community Plan. To my knowledge, no property owner on DeCourcy has been consulted with respect to this bylaw amendment. While I realize that your letter fulfills the statutory requirement, it falls short of the spirit of public consultation.

The meeting is being held during a time when many people have made holiday plans and is held in a place that is difficult and expensive for DeCourcy residents to attend.

The bylaw itself seems like a bit of relatively innocuous administrative tinkering, but it bears the seed of “future development approval bylaws” referenced in your letter, the nature of which should be disclosed before bylaw 268 is approved.

I would like to suggest that the public hearing be postponed until September or October. The annual general meeting of the DeCourcy Island Community Association (DICA) will be held on Aug. 4 at the fire hall on DeCourcy Island. I would like to invite you to make a presentation at that meeting. This would be an excellent opportunity to engage DeCourcy islanders in a meaningful dialogue. 

I would like to state for the record that both personally and as president of DICA, I am opposed to this bylaw, until such time as there is more information available regarding the plans for the use of this tool, a definition of “development approval information” and a disclosure of the “future development approval information bylaws.”

In the spirit of co-operation,

~ Tom Kendall

DeCourcy Island Community Association