Letter: Waiting for the ferry

Wednesday, July 31 2019

She carefully lowered the little bundle into the specially designed carrier securely fastened to the rear seat of her silver-blue Toyota. Like all small cars these days, this one was nearly crash proof in that air bags, a fully encapsulated cage of the frame and the shock absorbing components would cushion any impact protecting her and here precious passenger.  

I was sitting in the ferry lineup watching the young mom putting her months old baby into the car, taking great care. She was totally focussed, a set look on her face, fulfilling the several-hundred-million-year-old prime directive embedded in the core of her mammalian DNA. “Protect your young at all costs,” the code dictated. Without hesitation she was following this law precisely.

My thoughts then drifted to the larger scene, looking across the channel to the huge log carriers, the bulk ore monsters, waiting to be fed wood and coal before they plowed their way back across the Pacific. Our federal government has purchased a pipeline, and our provincial government is choking renewable energy alternatives in the hopes that we will buy enough power to pay for Site C.

Why the disconnect between the young mother and our society at large? What good does it do to protect our young when the policies and procedures of government run counter to that?  

I don’t have any answers, there is no “one size fits all” solution, but I know one thing for sure, we are failing to follow the prime directive for our species: we are endangering our young.  And that sets us on a course that can only end in a fatal crash.

As an individual, all I can do is to write these words, do what I can when I can, and try to be on the right side of history. 

 What are you doing?

~ Dave Neads