Letter: Wear your helmet. And wear it right.

Tuesday, May 23 2017

I went out for a delivery bike ride the other day and came home with a huge shiner, rather unbecoming on a 60-something-year-old woman. This has brought about a few revelations that I would like to share. Yes, everyone can crash, apparently odds are that every 4,500 kilometres one can be in line for a spill. Now I always throw my helmet on because I know it prevents head injuries, but I found out that you need to wear it correctly and make sure it fits correctly or it can’t do the job it was designed for. 

You don’t have to spend big bucks to get one that will do the job, just make sure it fits you correctly - perhaps a knowledgeable sales person is the ticket. After you have had a fall that impacted your head it is recommended you purchase a new helmet even if it doesn’t look like it was damaged. Also replace helmets every five years. So I am heading off. I googled what to look for and how to wear one so I can make a safe choice.

Remember that to keep ahead of the game, we must keep our head in the game.

~ Janice Power