Letter: What a Canada Day

Tuesday, July 12 2016

Congratulations and Thank you to all those who were involved in creating a Canada Day to remember. Whether you attended the Potato Cannon Contest, the Museum Day or the Night Market, you had a chance to talk to neighbours, meet new people, share a story and a laugh. None of the events “cost money” and little or no funds were necessary.  All ages participated, with a range of fun, body painting and peels of laughter with things to see and do. The colours, sounds and music were moderate and easy on the senses. These well planned community events demonstrated inclusiveness in spades.  At three o’clock in the afternoon people were still walking in the village and the parking lots were full, so business must have done well as well.

When we think of community wellness and individual health, having these events creates a positive uplifting mood that sustains us all, regardless of whether or not we attended. So thank you to those who stepped forward to; organize, contribute financial support, or volunteer.  Thanks again, your efforts helped to make us as individuals, our community and our country healthier and stronger.

~  Brenda Fowler

Executive Director, People for Healthy Community