Letter: Why I live on Gabriola

Tuesday, January 16 2018

I am often asked why I live on Gabriola Island with the long ferry lineups just to get to Nanaimo. During the past couple of months we have had some difficult times, the last one being the passing of our 11-year-old boxer Dempsey. About 10:00 a.m. on Sunday when he let me know it was his time to leave, I called our friend Marilyn Ball and asked if she could stay with Eartha while we took him to Nanaimo. She said “I will be right there.” And she was. We went to the clinic in Nanaimo with Dempsey and missed the 1:00 p.m. ferry back so she was there till almost 5:00 p.m. with no complaints. I then sent an email to a few friends asking if anyone would be willing to help me dig a space for our boy in the yard. The next morning while it was still almost dark Jan Pullinger and Jane Olnyk turned up with shovels and a heavy thing for chopping roots. They set to work and created a lovely space by jumping in and out of the hole, hacking and shovelling, measuring and making sure there was enough room for his feet. They brought him from the car and placed him gently in his space. Eartha, our seven-year-old boxer went in with him to check it out, gave her approval and then came back out. Next they filled in the dirt and raked it smooth. When I wait in the ferry lineup, I know that when I finish whatever I do on the other side, I return to this island of nature, pets and a family of friends. With gratitude, Marlyn (Lou and Eartha).

~ Marlyn Farrell