Liberals’ timing perfect


Tuesday, March 28 2017

No fare increases coming on our ferry this April 1st.

No fare increases on any of the minor routes, northern routes, or any other route - except for vehicle fares on the major routes.

Must be a provincial election in the air.

BC Ferries says the lack of a fare increase is due to a profitable year.

Well....that’s good. The optimist says that the corporation is listening to the users.

But the cynic says the profitable year was timed so that it was right before the election. Corporations being able to time what years they spend (and charge) big and what years they ease off on the consumer to boost confidence in their brand.

Voters are hopefully not going to be fooled by such antics.

But then, we didn’t think Christy and company could win in the last election.

This past week, the BC Government announced $95 million to be split amongst the 60 school districts in BC.

The BC Government spin is this is coming from a result of, “BC’s strong economy and balanced budget....the BC Governmentis able to support record funding increases for students and BC education system.”

A record increase in funding only because compared to any educational funding done since the Liberals took government, any increase in funding is a record.

And then there’s the carrot - Budget 2017 dangles $740 million in operating funds over the next three years; plus $1.1 billion in additional funding for the K-12 system over the same time period.

You can hear the plea from the BC Liberals. Let us in, one more time, we’ve seen the error of our ways.

Sorry, but this is the party that spent way too much time and taxpayer money fighting a losing battle with the Teachers’ union, all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, and then had the gall to call the loss an “opportunity to invest back into public education.”

And one can bet all those education dollars are tied to whether BC finally sees an investment return on LNG.

Voters will see through the window dressing, the spin, the announcements focusing on the positive while forgetting the negative. 

At least, that’s what the NDP, the Greens, and the BC Conservatives are hoping.