LTC could open a few doors on accessory buildings


Tuesday, February 14 2017

Those wishing to run a legal home-based business should not have barriers placed in front of them which were originally set up to prevent illegal secondary dwellings.

This past week, at the Gabriola Local Trust Committee meeting, the LTC was requested to look at how they would permit someone to operate a commercial kitchen in an accessory building. At issue is that current bylaws do not allow for kitchens - or bathrooms for that matter - in accessory buildings.

Back when the bylaws were written, it was thought this would help prevent property owners from setting up illegal secondary dwellings.

But for some islanders wish to run what would otherwise be legal home-based businesses (something the Gabriola Official Community Plan promotes and supports). Some might need a commercial kitchen - or a bathroom for customers outside of the property owner’s proper home area.

The Trustees started a conversation, seemingly open to looking at what could be done to open a few doors for islanders’ home based businesses.

Clearly Gabriola has more issues retaining people on the island than we do with illegal dwellings. Let’s find more ways to keep people here, rather than ways to stop them from coming.