National Gabriola Week


Tuesday, April 12 2016

This coming week is National Volunteer Week.

If there was ever a random ‘week of appreciation’ tailor-made for Gabriola, this would be it.

Were it not for volunteers - and the backbone of Gabriola businesses and individuals who support them - our community and hundreds more like it would cease to exist.

There are big projects like the Health Care Clinic and the renovation of the GIRO Depot. There are everyday actions like the Meals on Wheels volunteers from the Gabriola Auxiliary for Island Health Care.

Gabriola’s world keeps spinning because of the volunteers who put in countless hours of work each week.

The trails we enjoy in our parks are lovingly maintained by the crews and trail stewards of the Gabriola Land and Trails Trust.

The theatre productions and shows we enjoy every week, thanks to the Gabriola Arts Council, Lulu Performing Arts Society, Poetry Gabriola Society, Gabriola Players, ICONIC Theatre, and others.

There are volunteers who spend their summer welcoming our visitors to the island - either in the parking lot on the other side, or here on Gabriola at the Visitor  Centre, and throughout the Village.

There are volunteers, such as our firefighters, as well as emergency social services, who train and prepare for the moment when they are called to help islanders in need.

Were it not for the the GERTIE drivers’ hundreds of hours logged as volunteers over the past three years, it’s doubtful we would currently have a made-on-Gabriola public transit system.

Lets not forget everyone who volunteers at People for a Healthy Community, working to help islanders who need help of all kinds.

We have filled hundreds of niches in our community with volunteer labour.

Shake the hand, and pat a back of an islander this week. 

Odds are good, that hand and back belong to a volunteer.