No Complaints

Aaron Holmes

Tuesday, December 29 2015

It’s a fresh year. Come at it from a new, complaint-free perspective.

Whatever you’ve done to get where you are is in the irrevocable past. Accept it. Own it. Whatever it is, make peace with it. There’s no advantage in denying reality.

It’s the time of year for resolutions. There’s something about swapping out your calendar that can make big changes seem possible.

A few resolutions you stick with are better than lots of resolutions you don’t.

If your resolution involves your weight, solve your diet before you consider exercise.

Mostly, resolutions are about finding ways to make yourself better. The 21 day no-complaint challenge is the key that could make overcoming the rest of your obstacles easier.

Will Bowen, a Minister from Kansas City introduced the concept with his congregation, and it spread pretty quickly.

In a nutshell, the challenge is to go 21 days without complaining. Wear a wristband, when you catch yourself complaining, switch wrists and start again from day zero.

When you quit voicing complaints, pretty soon you’ll quit thinking them.

By shutting down your brain’s complaint factory you free up opportunities for positivity and gratitude. You can focus instead on things that are going well, and you’ll almost certainly be more pleasant company.

If you see something that needs improving, instead of complaining, you’ll move more easily towards fixing the things you can.

You can choose misery, but it’s not recommended. Instead, ditch the complaints, and watch your mindset improve.