Oh Canada

Janina Stajic

Tuesday, August 6 2013

After almost nine years of being back in Canada after living abroad for more than ten, there’s been a dramatic shift in my feelings for this ginormous land. In short, I’ve fallen back in love with it, so much so that I’m actually again feeling proud to call myself Canadian. It was a long time coming. Partly because during the past nine years a lot has happened to make it easy not to be such a proud Canadian. But I’m finally beginning to get the important bit – that those ‘not-proud’ moments are only a small part of what it means to be Canadian and over the past months I’ve been reminded in small ways just how amazing this country and its people are. I’ve discovered a new-to-me show set in Newfoundland and it brings me back to the months I spent travelling back east, starting in Ottawa and making my way to St. John’s. Along the way I met tons of interesting people, saw the history of the country unfold, and ended up hitch-hiking across Newfoundland with a quirky trucker and a fellow traveller, in awe of the landscape so different than my familiar west coast and people I could only understand after being screeched in. Then there’s all the amazing Canadian music I can’t seem to get enough of. Was it that I just wasn’t tuned in before? Or is CBC doing a way better job of showcasing our Canadian talent? Then there’s the kayaking. I’ve been heading out with Hilary from Silva Bay about three times a week. Every single time I go I’m almost close to tears at the beauty that surrounds me, grounding me to this place. I guess what’s happening is all these small events are conspiring, finally, to take me beyond those ‘not-proud’ moments and make me realize that there is so much to celebrate, so much that it makes me proud to say that, oh, Canada, you will always be my home.