Our Gabriola


Tuesday, January 31 2017

Our differences make us stronger.

This past weekend, a mosque in Quebec was attacked, and six people were killed. 

In the U.S., differences between people are being used as a political weapon to drive wedges between those who would oppose those in power. 

Here on Gabriola, we often have disagreements.

Put five islanders at a table, there’s likely to be six opinions.

But in a world where differences divide, on Gabriola, and in thousands of communities, differences are what give those places strength and resilience. 

Looking out at the rest of the world, we can feel powerless to change any of it.

Yet if we look to making the changes we can in our own communities, we change at least our part of the world.

It’s not about turning our backs on the rest of the world - just choosing to make the difference where we can - knowing that there are others in other communities who are doing the same.