Patience. And Kindness


Wednesday, May 13 2020

Big deep breaths.

Of sweet salty fresh Salish Sea air.

 Let’s all acknowledge the anxiety and stress and worry and everything everyone has going into this May Long Weekend, and what will happen during Phase 2 of the RestartBC pandemic response.

May Long - locals are worrying too many people are coming to the island. Possibly putting a drain on our local supplies of groceries and other food stocks.

Possibly bringing COVID-19 to our community - even though Dr. Henry says we have to assume it’s here already, that doesn’t stop us from worrying that it isn’t here yet, but will be if Mainlanders bring it.

Never mind the fact there are hundreds of Gabriolans still going into Nanaimo possibly bringing COVID back with them.


Dr. Henry says we need to be patient. And to be kind.

We need to be patient because for the vast majority, people are doing their best to keep each other safe.

We need to be patient because while province says an industry can open, that particular business on Gabriola might not be ready to do so. For an infinite number of reasons.

We need to be patient because having to explain those reasons, over and over and over again, is going to cause as much anxiety and worry as the business owners already have.

No one is untouched. Every person will have seen an impact from this. No one’s impact is the same. No one’s response should have to be.

We all want to get back to a routine, but it will be a new routine.

Thankfully, in so many ways, we are in a community where we have places like our parks, our backyards, our beaches.

Gabriola...will provide. If we are patient. And kind.