Pay the Election Promises


Tuesday, September 20 2016

Well....thanks to the BC Liberals for canceling an Medical Services Plan increase.

Amazing how that happened in an election year. Not in the previous three years leading up to this. 

No, it is the final year of what one can only hope is the final term the BC Liberals will be running this province.

Those running the province can’t possibly believe anyone is fooled - that we don’t know they planned all along to cancel this year’s MSP increase.

File this right up there with admitting the BC Liberals were wrong to cancel the Discovery Coast route.

As well as selling the 115 vehicle Queen of Chilliwack.

BC Ferries had spent millions of dollars on upgrades and restorations to the Chilliwack. Reportedly $15 million on the 2010 upgrades alone. She sold to Goundar Shipping in Fiji for supposedly $1.8 million in 2015.

Now the Liberals are going to ‘invest’ to get a new-to-BC Ferries ship back serving the Discovery Coast - the catch being that it won’t happen until 2018, after the next provincial election.

Make no mistake, there’s an election brewing. Plenty of promises will be passed out. Voters need to be treating the BC Liberals like they’ve shown themselves to be, bouncing election promises like bad cheques since 2001.

For the next year, we should be demanding payment up front.