Possible future First Lady of the White House plagiarizes part of Democratic speech at Republican National Convention

Jane Reddington

Sounder Staff

Tuesday, July 26 2016

I was trying to listen to French on the radio the morning of July 20 and all I could make out was something about Melania Trump and Michelle Obama. It was only later that I checked the news outlets and found out they were saying that parts of Melania’s speech at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, had been lifted from a Michelle Obama speech given eight years before.

I couldn’t believe it when I first realized what they were saying. Doesn’t the Trump campaign have speech writers who can write an original speech? And after the fact, all the advisors came out saying that Mrs. Trump had said a lot of common ideas that were expressed by My Little Pony characters, among others. I am not making this up. Days passed before they admitted the truth, what we all knew all along. They had plagiarized parts of the speech. And then there was Ben Carson saying that at least the Democrats and Republicans had common values, as a positive spin on the plagiarism.

This presidential race is becoming more surreal by the minute. When Happy Days and Charles in Charge star Scott Bayo appeared on stage to say a few words, I was dumbfounded. When was the last time he was relevant in pop culture? Twenty years ago? I might have been in my teens, and now he’s speaking, supporting Trump? I wonder if Americans are tuning into the convention and getting a good idea of what life might be like for them when these people actually have power.

Even Ted Cruz, former candidate for the presidency, gave us a surprise by not endorsing his party’s candidate. How much weirder can this get? Now Trump is fuzzy on whether the US will abandon NATO protection for countries. How can this man possibly get elected? I am disturbed and mystified that he even got this far in the process.

Times are changing, for the better, I hope. Perhaps we will look back on Trump’s race for the White House and we’ll see it as a turning point in American politics. There is a lot riding on Hilary Clinton’s shoulders. But I have a feeling she can do it, if anyone can. And then we would have the first woman for United States President. That is worth all these shenanigans from the Republicans. And it’s best remembered that Democrats across the country will have a say in who wins this election too. There is some peace in breaking down boundaries even if we have to deal with plagiarism and My Little Pony to get there.