Premier Clark resigns as BC Liberal Leader


Tuesday, August 1 2017

This past week, former BC Premier Christy Clark resigned as the leader of the BC Liberal Party, and as an MLA.

Not really a surprise after she lost the confidence of the house and had to watch the NDP take the reins of a province her party has run for the past 16 years.

“I am certain that British Columbia’s best days lie ahead,” she said in her statement announcing the resignation.

Madame former-Premier, with the BC Liberal party no longer running the province as a semi-private fiefdom with rewards for some and hardships for the rest...the best days are certainly ahead. Even for Clark they will be better, as there are sure to be some rewards waiting in the corporate wings.

The departure of Clark as leader of the party comes as no surprise. While she carried the Liberal flag for many of the years the party was in power, her 180 degree throne speech after this past spring’s election threw a number of long-standing BC Liberal policies (and supporters) under the bus, as she appeared to adopt traditional NDP and Green Party policies.

Her departure as an MLA will give the house the balance it needs (for now) in numbers, meaning the Speaker will not necessarily have to be the tie-breaker in votes. A by-election is unlikely to change anything, Kelowna being one of the strong BC Liberal ridings.

But as with anything political in BC, the next step will be what is interesting - as the Liberals seek to find someone to fill the leadership role. They’ll have to do it in a timely manner, just in case the minority Green-backed NDP Government falls.

Green Party Andrew Weaver Clark a fierce advocate for BC, at home and abroad.

NDP Premier John Horgan said, “”We take up the call of public service because we want to make this province a better place. While we represented two different political parties, Ms. Clark and I are united in the belief that, working together, we can build a better future for British Columbia and the people who call this place home. As an MLA and as Premier, Ms. Clark fought passionately for what she believed in. I know she will take that passion and energy to her next opportunity. 

“I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.”