Prioritize Proportional Representation for BC


Tuesday, September 5 2017

The ever-so-delicate balance of ‘power’ in the BC Government will start to be tested once the Legislature opens this fall.

When that happens, Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver has said he intends to bring forward a motion to support ridesharing in BC.

Ridesharing - unto itself - is another debate. For another time. Both here, and in the Legislature.

The bigger issue is the NDP and the Green Party currently have a chance to make historical and long-lasting decisions for all of British Columbia.

During the 2017 election, the BC NDP claimed they would work with taxi drivers, taxi companies, and ridesharing companies to create a fair approach to ridesharing.

The bigger check list needs to be dealt with first.

Site C. Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion. BC Ferries.

Proportional representation.

More than any other legislation needing a push from both the NDP and Greens, proportional representation needs to replace the old First Past the Post system. If we can create a functioning Proportional Representation system in BC, perhaps then we’ll see our federal government (are you listening Prime Minister Trudeau?) take another look at proportional representation as well.

No question - there’s a lot the NDP and Greens will have to fix in BC. The Liberals had almost two decades to pull off what we have today. It won’t happen overnight, and it won’t be without mistakes.

But they need to get proportional representation in place before the next provincial election - we don’t know whether we’ll be voting this year or in four years. If we don’t, we could see a return of a refreshed Liberal party gain control again.