Privatize it. Completely.


Wednesday, November 21 2018

A month into legalization, and BC has one public and one private cannabis store up and running.

This in a province which has for decades been known not just nationwide but worldwide for cannabis potential.

This comes as little surprise, considering the entire cannabis market is dependent on the fluid workings of the BC Liquor Board - a provincial organization which has proven it can’t actually manage to operate the liquor distribution for BC, let alone take on a brand new opportunity like legalization of cannabis.

Across the Rockies, cannabis is privatized, and then taxed. 

Just like the alcohol has been in Alberta since 1993.

To much profitable success for government and businesses. At last count, there were over 70 cannabis stores open in Alberta.

The BC Government could be enjoying millions of dollars in taxes on the sale of alcohol and cannabis, all while letting private business take on the expense of such enterprises.

Instead, the government is determined (and has been for decades) to get in the middle and run warehouses, distribution, ordering, and all the other things that private business is much better at.

Complete privatization will not increase the health risks. 

If anything, the decrease in expenses and potential increase in revenue could mean more money in the public coffers to put back into the health care system.

Get out of the way, and let business get on with it.