Provincial government hitting new lows on LNG


Tuesday, December 15 2015

The Christy Clark government believes BC should only be selling zero-emission-vehicles by 2050. A laudable goal, and one which is likely to be used by Clark to push her agenda to finish the Site C Dam, and her big basket for the eggs which are liquid natural gas (LNG).

This past week, Clark claimed there was no money left for Ministry of Child and Family Development unless the economy improved.

What an amazing statement to make. The Premier is not even trying to disguise the carrot anymore. She’s holding child welfare funding hostage to push through on LNG and other projects which will see her political supporters make millions for years to come.

The Site C monies should be invested into greener energies - tidal, solar, and wind for example. The Site C location should be left alone. Given the amount of the site which falls within the Agricultural Land Reserve, that’s farmland we’re going to need if our American neighbours to the south continue to experience the droughts they have.

Bottom line, there are better opportunities for green energy sources out there to achieve a ZEV-only province - if that is a goal the Premier and her cabinet want to go after.

Connecting dots between the funding for children and projects such as LNG - which continually come under criticism for failure to launch - that’s a new low for the current government.