Put Fire Board in local elections


Wednesday, May 1 2019

Given the Letters to the Editor in this week’s Sounder, there are clearly voters who are not content with the way the election of Fire Board Trustees was handled.

Not just the end result - with the narrow results, it’s unlikely any voter went home more than 50% content - but with the process of the election itself.

Perhaps the time has come for the Fire Board, like all other local tax authorities, to have elections as part of the Local Government Elections, which happen every four years.

Putting the election into the hands of those running all the other local elections would take away questions on how it is run as part of the District’s Annual General Meeting.

It is certainly something an  Improvement District is empowered to do, through the provincial ministry.

It would be up to the Fire Board Trustees to actually make that decision. And it’s one they should consider.