Put the pressure on DFO

Bob Meyer

Tuesday, August 18 2015

Having the Orcas lead the Anchor Rage protest was the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a long, long time! When the boats came out of Silva Bay at 4 o’clock, the Orcas were leading the pack down the shore line.They swam past just when we were forming the shape of the freighter. Thanks for their vote against this ridiculous invasion of our shores! When a whale says “no”, it means no!  It was quite amazing that 60 boats and 20 kayakers joined together on that short of notice! Add to that 200 people on the beach, and you have 10% of Gabriola’s population. Thanks to everyone for their efforts! 

  It may be a long haul defeating this proposal. Kevin Obermeyer stated on CTV News that the one agency that could stop this immediately is D.F.O.if there are fishery issues. This is a major chinook migration route, including some Fraser stocks. There is a rockfish rookery off Whalebone Beach. The herring spawn heavily here, and there were major commercial fisheries for the herring two of the past four years. The sport and commercial prawners fish this area heavily. There are coral, sponge and eel grass at various depths down this coastline. Any incidental halibut that I’ve caught were off the Grande or waterfall.. This corridor also has a magical quality. When chinook stocks suddenly declined dramatically decades ago, this was the one area that held fish. Sport fishers come from Vancouver, Nanaimo, Washington, and beyond to fish here. 

A huge percentage of the moorage and accommodation in Silva Bay is sport fishing based. I have, personally, spent thousands of hours fishing this area. 

Hopefully D.F.O. can see the value of this area, and put a stop to this proposal!  

In the mean time, pound Kevin Obermeyer with emails. Let him know that we are not the dumping ground solution for their insufficient loading infrastructure in Delta. oberkev@ppa.gc.ca. Also, please sign the petition against this proposal, either online or on paper.